The warm-up match - Nerazzurri debut new aid gotze lore Bayern 1-0 inter

Jul 22,2015
  • Bayern and international Milan in Shanghai stadium warm-up. Columbia Zhongwei Murillo debut and a key inter staged rescue, but then be substituted because of injury. The second half substitute, Goetze scored the winning goal, Bayern 1 to 0 win.


    Bayern Chinese for battle 4 to 1 victory over Valencia. Neuer, Lavon, Boateng, and other main return, new aid Costa - Douglas continue to play. Mancini then replaced 2 starters. Wearing masks protect the Murillo debut, and Nokia's central defensive partner, another new signing Montoya replace Danbuluo Theo defense right and left brake or teenager Dimarco. In front of a warm-up and configuration is the same.


    After the opening, Dimarco on one side of the great pressure. Sixth minutes, Costa right cut low, Lavon Handanovic was closed out 10 meters in front of a single shot! 11 minutes, Costa active once again exceeded Dimarco, penetrates the forbidden area right chose to pass, levan to hook shot is Nokia preemptive destruction, Mueller bushe volley hit high.


    Blo R Vecchi midfielder Alabbar steals the counterattack, Muller edge of the area shot blocked Dimarco. Murillo returned to the field after receiving treatment. The 32nd minute, Tiago Thiu restricted area and Muller knock to the right Rahm in front of 10 meters push shot near the corner, Murray slightly flying failure!


    In, the boots are to leave their mark. The playing of surfaces wears away over the time and it mirrors the fighting on the pitch. There are footprints, debris along with the slide tackles that are to be visible. Now the corner flags start moving. The goal framing quivers with awesome hitting. There are the Animated LED boards that provide an even deeper level of realism to the matches.


    Rahm seems to be injured, directly back to the locker room, Hey Be Jerzy substitute appearances, Inter have been forced to adjust, the performance of the great prophet is slightly under Hu Anhuan. Forty-fourth minutes, Costa gave birth to go after Dimarco, Muller 10 meters in front of the low Shepian far post.


    The second half, the two sides began a large area. Hey Be Jerzy kick slightly low shot wide of the near post, Rhodes takes Tiago Dianshe volley hit high overheads. Bayern eightieth minutes to break the deadlock! Rhodes Tong pass tear defense line, gertze pole buckle to Carrie, 9 meters in front of left foot to promote Buddhism, 1 more than 0. Ninetieth minutes, Baldini on the right corner, Uhl Reich header was Yakuli nigeria.

    Bayern (3-3-3-1) - Neuer 46'23- ulreich / a beinadiya (73'39- Stein Hart), 17 Boateng (59'13- rafinha), 27 Alabama /21- ram 39'34- Hey Be Jerzy, 14 Alonso (46'32- Kimich), 6 - Tiago 67'16- Gaudino / Stephen Douglas Costa (59'20- Rhode), 25 Muller (46'19- Goetze), 18 Bernath (46'40- undergraduate) to Lewandowski (73'37- green)


    International Milan (4-3-1-2) - handanovic 64'30- Carrizo /14- Montoya (63'27- Virginia curry), 23 Nokia (63'21- Thornton), 24 mu (omitted 41'5- Xiao Juan), where Dimarco 56'6- Andreoli /77- Blo R Vecchi 69'56- PopA, 10 Kovacic 69'92- Baldini, 7 - hole doumbia 46'33- d'Ambrosio /88- Hernanes 69'55- Yuto Nagatomo /8- Palacio 56'12- Longo, 9 icardi (69'44- Delgado)

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