Mancini said inter 1 position also need reinforcing praised the big two demon front

Jul 22,2015
  • The Milan new season introduced many players, Miranda, Montoya, Shakespeare holes have already joined the team. However the Nerazzurri coach Roberto Mancini does not seem to be full of football team in the summer transfer market, when interviewed by the media said inter also need to introduce some of the players.


    In an interview with the Milan sports news, Mancini believes the team's attack line is a bit thin: we need to introduce a striker at least, now we have only two." As has been with the team a scandal of the Croatian perisic, Mancini said: "now he is a Wolfsburg player, difficult to predict what will happen in the future, he is a high level player, can play multiple positions."


    Another striker, who is linked to Inter, is Uwe Diqy, with the possibility of his transfer to Inter, as Montenegro forward to Australia and Manchester City. This Mancini said: "he can play a lot of offensive position, center, shadow front, winger can. And Salah, he can play a lot of roles, just like he did in Florence."


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    Finally Mancini also mentioned the Merlot, before the news broke out that Inter will guarin for Merlot and 600 million euros transfer fee, but this then no below. Mancini did not forget to praise his old: "Melo is a good player experience, he can help us, but now we don't know what's going to happen."

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